Letter to a Clone Manufacturer

by Gigi Guizado (1998)

Duration: 8 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction, Seriocomedy, 10-Minute Play

“tackles exactly those issues that need to be talked about, and in a fashion that would sneak under the skin of the whitest most privileged alphamale, too. And does not cause harm, does not cause conflict. It just talks as if it was a dystopia, with humour, about something that is a shared social reality.”

Rita Sebestyén
Diana Martinez as SHE

Audience Response

“The quarantine has challenged everyone and has taken their creativity a little further, in this case it was a group of theater actors and writers who decided to present their stories via Zoom, technology did not prevent them from making us feel their words as if we were sitting in the front row in a theater, there were 4 10-minute stories including Letter to a Clone Manufacturer by Gigi Guizado, I thought it was great because she included representation and text in the chat (this is what I mean by taking creativity further) set in the near future it reminded me of the movie Ex Machina about artificial intelligence.”

Gabriela Guilarte
The fembot’s inner monologue is visible to the audience via the chat feature.

Production History

The LAB LV, 10-Minute Play Project, online rehearsed reading May 14, 2020

Another reading is coming soon. Stay tuned for details!