Reviews and Press

“Elizabeth, Pastor Paul’s wife (lovingly performed by Gigi Guizado), … is the embodiment of the human and real consequences of choices based in spirituality.”
Eat More Art Vegas

“Gigi Guizado is effective as Elizabeth, conflicted with the duty of being the pastor’s wife versus being completely opposed to his controversial viewpoint.”
EDGE Media Network

“The Cockroach Theatre Company’s fine production features a talented cast under the smart direction of Mindy Woodhead. Strong supporting performances include Joe Basso as Joshua, Gigi Guizado as Paul’s wife Elizabeth…”
Talkin’ Broadway

Faith Flix Films interviews Gigi

“The biggest independent debut this week was the Christian-audience oriented I’m in Love With a Church Girl”
Rolling Stone

“Gigi Guizado [has] the sharp physical control and timing that allows [her] to single-handedly drive the humor of scenes.”
– Commuter Times

“Guizado acquitted well”
– Drama-Logue

“Class 40’s vamp”
– Marin Independent Journal

“The timing in both the dialogue and physical humor was superb, Guizado made a memorable debut.”
– Times-Herald

“Gigi Guizado, as the sultry mistress, pouts well and can move across the stage like a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall.”
– Pacific Sun

“Slithering like a beautiful and deadly incarnation of the Edenic snake, Gigi Guizado as Carmen epitomizes the terror that female sexuality can signify to men.”
– Pacific Sun

“Gigi Guizado, who played Tito’s wife, Maria, was surprisingly good and passionate.”
– Daily Republic

“Excellent, four star interpretation”
– Marin Independent Journal

Review of The Fashion Show, a performance piece co-authored by Gigi Guizado

Review of Pal Joey