by Rafael Guizado (1945) translated by Gigi Guizado (2022)

from Verano, an extract from the radio play titled “Sobre Las Más Altas Montañas”

Length: 12 pages

Genre: Drama

I am tied to the earth like a root, and with her I suffer and feel joy, die and am reborn.

Rafael Guizado, SUMMER

“Toward me, rippled white with desire, come the burning sighs of rising passion, and like the earth -still and resentful- my body waits.”

Rafael Guizado, SUMMER


Spanish: Revista de las Indias, vol. 23 núm. 75 (Mar. 1945). “Verano”: fragmento de la pieza para radio titulada Sobre las más altas montañas.

Critical Response

‘Summer, Complemento and Allegro’ are some of most outstanding pieces by Guizado.

Ana María Lara, Radio Nacional de Colombia,
‘Los poetas y su huella como directores de Radio Nacional de Colombia’, Feb 1, 2022

Added to these names is Rafael Guizado, linked to the National Radio, who tried to approach more modern forms of scenic writing with pieces such as Summer, Complemento or Allegro.

Carlos José Reyes, El teatro en Colombia en el siglo XX