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“Victoria knows about her husband’s affairs. To retaliate, she tries to seduce Jackie and engages him in a sexual wrestling match. Jackie responds by being truly tempted but resisting with moral resolve. Guizado is both erotic, and repulsive in her sexual advances and drunkenness.” – Richard Rosario, EDGE Media Network

Photo Credit: Kris Mayeshiro

“Ronn L. Williams as Ralph D and Gigi Guizado as Victoria do a fine job as the combative AA couple who find common ground only in pancakes.” – Mary LaFrance, Talkin’ Broadway

with Ronn L. Williams. Photo Credit: Kris Mayeshiro


“Guizado delivered a solid performance. Her Victoria is the quintessential woman who has figured out she screwed up when she married Ralph. She’s gruff and dour, and still manages to portray the underlying love.” – Paul Altreides, Eat More Art Vegas

with Ronn L. Williams and D.J. Hale. Photo Credit: Kris Mayeshiro
“So run, don’t walk, to catch this production before it closes. We can only hope to see these gifted artists in future productions in the Valley.” – Mary LaFrance, Talkin’ Broadway

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