The Reviews Are In!

Here’s what the critics had to say about THE CHRISTIANS.

“The Cockroach Theatre Company’s fine production features a talented cast under the smart direction of Mindy Woodhead…Strong supporting performances include Joe Basso as Joshua, Gigi Guizado as Paul’s wife Elizabeth, and Gary Lunn”
Talkin’ Broadway

“There are great performances with this production, as to be expected from a Mindy Woodhead directed show.
Gigi Guizado is effective as Elizabeth, conflicted with the duty of being the pastor’s wife versus being completely opposed to his controversial viewpoint.”
EDGE Media Network

“Elizabeth, Pastor Paul’s wife (lovingly performed by Gigi Guizado), finds herself caught up in the dynamics of both the nuclear and ecclesiastical family. She feels alone and wonders if she’s “Just a preacher’s wife? Is it somehow her failure, her guilt”? She is the embodiment of the human and real consequences of choices based in spirituality. Her partnership with Pastor Paul delves into many aspects of personal trust and the family business, and leaves the audience with their unresolved relationship as the lights dim.”
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