Letter gets read in Hungarian

Collage by Andrea Kovács Kurszán

August is Women in Translation month; a time for focusing on women writers whose work has been translated into other languages. Writers like Gabriela Yepes (Peruvian Spanish) whose play, The Therapist, I translated into (American) English. Or Mariana de Althaus who’s play, The Language of Mermaids, translated by Mary Ann Vargas, I performed in during Out of the Wings Festival 2018.

At the opening symposium to the festival, I met Rita Sebestyén of othernessproject.org. We chatted about our common interests and kept in touch.

This #WITmonth, Dr. Sebestyén has made me a Woman in Translation! She has translated my one-act play, Letter to a Clone Manufacturer, into Hungarian for London-based othernessproject.org.

Text in translation: Letter to a Clone Manufacturer by Gigi Guizado, translated by R. J. Sebestyén.

Join us online September 25th for the big reveal! Tickets at Eventbrite.

This short play written by Gigi Guizado tackles gender and power-issues in a situation set on the verge of the post Anthropocene world. In spite of the grim topic, the irony and the possible plot-twists will save us from immersing ourselves into dystopia.

R. J. Sebestyén