The Therapist Wins!

WEST: World of English Speaking Theatres is an international organization with headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine which unites over 100 theatres around the world. The Asylum Theatre in Las Vegas is a founding member of WEST. And through my work with Artistic Director Sarah O’Connell at The Asylum, I was able to connect with WEST members Leo Bacica and Sharon Willems of Barons Court Theatre in London.

I invited Barons Court Theatre to Out of the Wings Festival 2022 where my newly published translation of Gabriela Yepes’ award-winning play ‘The Therapist’ was on sale in the bookshop. Leo accepted my invitation and soon a new collaboration was formed: to tour a production of ‘The Therapist’ from Las Vegas to London the following summer.

The tour was critically-acclaimed and the adventure of a lifetime. Imagine my surprise, however, when five months later the tour is nominated for an international award by our colleagues in Ukraine! Considering the volume of work being developed in Ukraine, and by WEST members around the globe, often in the most difficult of circumstances, it is remarkable that ‘The Therapist’ was remembered at all. That we were awarded 1st Place is astonishing…a deep honor…and very humbling.

Huge thanks to the indefatigable and ever charming hosts of the ‘Best from the WEST’ Awards, Alex Borovenskiy and Veronika Streltsova of ProEnglish Theatre. The work they are doing in Kyiv is truly amazing. Give them a follow and you will see what I mean.

Thank also to everyone who supported the tour, attended the performances, and voted in the awards. Congratulations to all of the nominees and award winners! It is an honor to be in your company.