It Was Then That I Lost That Child

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Elton Uliana, who I met through Out of the Wings, reached out to ask if I would consider doing a reading of his translation of “It Was Then That I Lost That Child” by Carla Bessa. It would be shown at the Sant Jordi Festival USA, and there wasn’t much time to prepare. Having already read the short story in Asymptote Journal and been very impressed by it, of course I said, “Yes!”

The 6 minute video was well received at the festival and is now circulating on social media. Below are some of the responses.

A master class on acting by Gigi Guizado.

Elton Uliana, Translator

Amazing performance

Carla Bessa, Author

I was very moved by your reading…It was lovely to follow the journey of the text through the nuances of your voice and facial expression.

Nuria Divi

What an amazing monologue

Sant Jordi USA

Beautiful and raw, and full of sorrow.

Urania Tami Griffith


Judith Wilson

I really loved her reading. I’m not an actress but noted her amazing facial language!

Y.r. Radhika

I hope that you will enjoy the reading as well. Please let the title serve as a trigger warning.

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