ASYLUM: Reflections on Refuge

The Asylum Theatre is honored to present ASYLUM: Reflections on Refuge, an international partnership with Winchester Dondero Cultural Center, the ProEnglish Theatre in Kyiv, and local artists in support of Ukraine and diverse members of Southern Nevada’s community who have sought refuge from war and oppression. This poetic and inspiring event will take place on Saturday, 4th June, 2022 at 7 PM at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has placed the ongoing global refugee crisis front and center. This event will help the Clark County community to come together to celebrate cultural diversity Southern Nevada’s asylum seekers and their descendants, and to gain awareness about the challenges people face when confronting political violence and oppression.

 A live streamed performance by the ProEnglish Theatre from their wartime Art Shelter in Kyiv will be accompanied on the Winchester stage by poet Gigi Guizado, Ballet 120, the Nevada Chamber Orchestra, filmmakers from the UNLV College of Fine Arts, soprano Heather Klein, and children’s choir from St. Geragos Armenian Apostolic Church, among others.     


Our colleagues with the ProEnglish Theatre have shown us what it means to give all in defense of free choice and individual dignity, and we are proud to stand with them on the global stage as Nevadans.    


Art transcends boundaries and reaches into war zones…We stand with Ukraine and refugees from conflicts across the globe in their quest for compassion and peace.

Sarah O’Connell, Artistic Director

The event is FREE and will promote donations to local and international relief organizations, including direct aid to the wartime Art Shelter run by the ProEnglish Theatre in Kyiv, Ukraine. The Asylum Theatre was founded in 1997 as a haven for the development of new ideas and emerging artists in Southern Nevada where it serves as a home for partners, both nationally and internationally, introducing audiences to new work and artists to each other.

We want to thank Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom both for his office’s sponsorship of this event, and as a champion of local arts organizations and the creative workforce that make it possible. 


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